I just don't know what this world is coming to ...

Thank you Chuck D and Public Enemy for putting it so succintly ...

Burgers as bonuses - and I thought PR firms were bad.

Yes, Air Canada is having financial troubles, but what does this do for employee morale, or what is the spin for employee communications?

Better than the more typical Holiday gift - the layoff. Just this past week, AOL let go of 450 its Northern California staff, and there's nothing like getting a pink slip instead of an XMas bonus.

I should know, I had a classless start-up do that to me. But, karma was on my side for that one - they sold for pennies on the dollar.

It's a shame that the business world has come down to this - pump up the end-of-year numbers by laying off people. It shows that corporations do not care about the workers, so why should workers care about the corporations? I've seen it with corporations, public relations firms, start-ups that there is no employee loyalty anymore because there is no corporate loyalty anymore.

It's odd because I am still fiercely loyal to my first big client, and it churns and burns me up to see what has been happening to them - all that work done, all those sleepless hours, and the stock and company keeps falling.

That's the environment I try to create at POP! Public Relations - loyalty to the workers - but how loyal are employees supposed to be nowadays?