PR and China

A good friend, my mentor during my internship, and now an advisor to POP! Public Relations, has been practicing public relations for the past two years in China - Beijing and Hong Kong - and in other parts of Asia.

He blogs on his life over at Peking Duck, and wrote a great and interesting piece on practicing PR over there, and the realities of doing business in China.

A very interesting read, and a wake up call for American companies to reconsider their Chinese strategies, chasing the 1.2 Billion persons dream. Beyond his posting on his blog, read the full article and comments. No offence to Richard, but the comments are even more enlightening than his original posting.

Only one thing bothers me - for the past year, I've been bugging Richard to send me gifts, and now I read that he hands out killer gift bags all the time. Geez, one couldn't make its way to the US?!