POP is Goin' Off

First, a change in how the POP! Public Relations Blog is going to work. From now on, I'm going to try to make each posting title refer to an old skool rap song. Today's posting is in honor of Biz Markie and Biz Is Goin' Off.

On to the topic at hand - the sad demise of the ethnic magazines, in this instance it is the publisher of Honey, Savoy and Heart & Soul closing its doors.

Why should this be of more concern to public relations professionals? Please, do not call me a publicist, but that's another long posting for another time.

Take a look around you - forget the PR blogs and its one woman - but most of public relations is white. Really white. Blindingly white. Wonder bread white.

And, so, that's what most PR people pitch to - the very mainstream publications that we might read. I am a media junkie - read the post below - so I tend to read a wide reaching array of publications, including very mainstream and non-mainstream publications. But the average PR person (if the past offices are any indication) tend to read US Weekly, People, etc for mainstream consumer, as well as maybe a USA Today or another local paper.

I spoke with PR Fuel about pitching minority press in the past, and spoke about it further when giving my spiel to the PRSSA at Miami University and I think it's a shame.

If that's what's read, no wonder the ethnic press is ignored. And, it's a shame because they are great publications to pitch to, as well as great publications to read. It's a shame that this group of magazines is going under - particularly for its readers and an underserved demographic.

My monthly reading can range from publications such as Murder Dog Magazine, Lucky Magazine (big fan and I'm straight), Razor Magazine (okay, they're a neighbor in my building so I get a gratis copy), The New Yorker (for my inner-snob) plus a wide array of whatever tickles my fancy at the news stand. I probably spend about $50 / month on periodicals, but it's all under research for clients.

And, that's something that we, as PR professionals, need to remember. It's not just about our demographic, but for the consumer that is going to want our clients' products - reach out to everyone and anyone that will be buying these products, not just the white press.