The Industry Analyst Dance

A posting on Corporate PR is about Industry Analysts and how the dance has changed to where the latest gatekeeper tactics are that PR firms and corporations are only able to book appointments through the Websites - which, naturally, never get responded to.

It's a vicious circle - PR firms such as POP! need to talk to analysts to get analyst quotes for the press, analysts need to learn about the new clients and businesses out there but have come under the gun to get more clients signed on for their services. Therefore, the analysts cut back on PR briefings, and push for paid services, which annoys PR people and neither endears the agency nor the analyst firms to the corporations. Follow that?

I have had a different experience with the boutique analyst firms than PR Opinions recent posting on the subject. His posting bemoaned the recent pay-for-play push that has permeated the system, but as well as the advent of boutique / specialized analyst firms ... hmmm, sounds like the world of public relations.

I find the boutique analyst firms are a little smarter on the selling of the services - it's not as much a hardcore push, but rather the softer sell. But, that could be the specialized analyst firm I have been involved with in the past. In the end, though, I prefer working with the IDCs and Gartners of the world - I trust their numbers more, and they have the better cachet with the mainstream press, and I think their word carries more weight.