The Inanity of Big PR

A couple of stories from the past few days.

A friend of mine is a director of communications, and was on the subway and talking to another PR person. This PR person works at a top-5 firm (in size), and his job description is "client services."

He goes on to tell my friend that he never really talks to the press, but maybe once every few months.

My friend is in shock - he's another generalist, pushing about 4 releases a week for the company, on the phone at all hours with the press, and doing the hand-holding with the executives.

His comment to me? How the f**k could a client services person know what to say to the client, if they are not in the trenches pitching to the media and analysts, knowing what the media is saying about the client? Then he started laughing at the inanity of it all ...

Another inane large firm story - although this is more a stupid-boutique-pass-the-buck-leave-your-bad-habits-at-the-large-agency story. Ironically, the perpetrator is from the same large agency as above!

Here's a little piece of advice for those that have been downsized at large agencies, and might be going to smaller boutiques - leave your crappy habits at the large agency. Which means: no passing the buck, taking responsibility, praising instead of just tearing down junior people. You know, be a real supervisor now that you are at a smaller firm.