The Ever Devolving State of PR Practioners and Blog Relations

Boy, do we suck. I really can't put it in a much nicer way, after reading this in Dan Gillmor's blog (okay, he might not be the most most pro-PR journalist in the world, but he is a blog pioneer and has been with an observer and journalist with the Merc for quite a bit).

Fine, that would not be as bad if the posting had not been picked up by Steve Outing of Emedia Tidbits, a self-titled "group weblog by the sharpest minds in online media/journalism/publishing," that's on Poynter Online.

I know that the PR blogs have gone around and around on the stupidity of some public relations professionals for spamming blogs without any concept on what blogs are, or how to target blogs for coverage. I am going to be guilty this week of blogging my PR blog compatriots about a POP! client's product (hey, it's an online press room with XML feeds!!)

But, come on - how desperate is an agency's client to actually pitch the comment sections in a blog? How pathetic are large agencies to have junior people posting comments, and hiding their identities (which, come on, are not that hard to figure out?) How stupid is PR becoming to go to such stupid lengths that only alienate and piss off journalists?

Everyday, it seems that our industry devolves a little bit more, and it's time to take it back!! Viva la revolucion!