The Fun of Press Rooms

Ben Silverman at PR Fuel and PR Studies have some interesting postings on press rooms.

Just wanted to add some of my own thoughts on press rooms...

I know PDF's are a great format to send out information, but why do press rooms use them for their press releases? From talking to reporters, I know some of them hate that they have to wait for Acrobat to open the document, when they want the information immediately.

Oh, and a client mention - check out's One Press. Having been in-house, I know the pain it was to get the Web team to actually post press releases, and to help update the press center, and then add photos and then add logos so the press can just grab them ... and then get the engineers to just do it without being whiny pains.

One Press automates that shtuff, and let's the PR team post its own news and press releases, setting up a great and easy press site.