Bad Lies, Bad Cover-ups, Just Bad PR

More in the vein about PR firms and owning up to responsibility. A small bit of advice - if you are going to lie to the client, make it an unverifiable and believable lie. You'll understand why when you read this story.

After firing public relations firm number one, we hired public relations firm number two. We spent massive amounts of money to get television press, and received ... nothing.

I should have taken a clue when the first meeting with me, the CEO and the 'media specialist' was an hour of the 'media specialist' asking inane questions and not understanding the product. If she couldn't do simple research, she most likely couldn't pitch.

It gets better. I was working with a producer from a top-rated female-oriented show, hosted by someone I have a huge crush on. I had built a relationship with the producer, we understood each other, I had written a script and we were moving forward.

Then, I get a new boss who wanted me to hand off the relationship. It wasn't worth a fight, so I acquiesced and took a long-needed and deserved vacation.

I get a call at home - the producer had died. Um, I call the producer in a panic - she's still alive, still working the show - and to make it seem like I had a real reason, I wished her a Happy Hannukah.

To make it simple, the agency lied because they could not close the deal. So, instead of owning up, they told us the producer died.

And, does anyone wonder why the large agency is dying?