Joining IABC and Going to Ohio ...

Just got my membership email from IABC, which I joined to be connected to other business communicators in the Phoenix community. Shall be interesting to see what type of connections are made at IABC and if it's worth the expenditure for a growing company.

POP! Public Relations was also just recently invited by the Miami Univeristy of Ohio PRSSA to give a speech on "Making Opportunities Where There Are None." I have begun writing the presentation in Powerpoint, and I have a full hour to fill speaking to 230 PR students. 40 minute speech, 20 minute Q&A. Should be fun. Or stressful. Or, cold, since it's in November.

This week has been proposal crazy. Sent out 5 proposals to a few Bay Area companies, and feel good that at least two of those will come in. Also have a meeting on Monday with a biotech consultant for PR work, and have good vibes on that. And, touched base with a couple companies I dealt with in the past, and looks like they might come aboard next quarter.

All in all, a good week for POP! Public Relations, and not too shabby a one for its clients - some nice stories should be coming in the next few months ...