Hiring Interns

Interviewed an intern today from ASU. She's in the mass communications program, and part of the University program is to complete an internship.

So, in a nutshell, POP! Public Relations has its first intern, who starts on August 25th. We had our first discussion today on what the expectations are going to be, and how I plan on running the intern program. It will be interesting, since if it works out the way I hope it does, I will implement it to bring in a new intern every semester.

Right now, though, I plan on using her on a pro bono account, as well as support for my other clients. That includes media database searches, editorial calendar searches, first drafts of pitch letters and press releases, and when she is ready, some media calls. The interesting thing is that the school seems to push unpaid internships - my thought is that you get what you pay for - and I already let her know that while I am growing, I hope to be able to compensate her for her time with some pay.

Beyond that meeting, I had an interview with Go Daddy and its newsletter about how I use its services. I hope the interview comes out nice.