Fighting Writer's Block on Releases

So, in the midst of writing proposals for a bunch of companies - some are just Holiday Gift Guide projects, others are long-term projects - and, at the same time, pitching my existing clients, keeping up-to-date on the media, responding to Profnet queries, doing the community outreach for one of my clients (actually pretty easy thus far) and writing a press release.

And, at the same time, fighting writer's block on the press release. It's been a lot o' fun, and yah, I think I need to sleep less, and put in longer hours at work. I already get to my offices for POP! Public Relations between 7.00 and 8.00 AM PDT to make sure that I'm hitting the East Coast media while they are in.

Of course, this leaves very little time for a personal life, but that will come later when I can hire people.

The best thing is that I do have a network of people I can rely on that will edit, brainstorm with me, and do other stuff that a larger agency usually allows you to do.

Okay, even though its 11.11 PM, I'm off to finish a proposal and then head to bed.