Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where the fuck you been, Jeremy Pepper?

Last time I blogged, it was August 21. It is now close to my birthday - October 21 - and someone IM'ed me with "where the fuck you been?"

Well, I have been around. I have had family events, I had some things to do, I have some things to figure out - but not going to share those personal details of my life. But, well, when you are in a space, you keep quiet. And, I decided to keep quiet - and, well, at one point for a week, I stopped reading blogs. Everyone should do that - take a break and live life.

But, I do have a lot of topics in the hopper. Some might be old - geez Jeremy, nice and dated - but things still need to be said. Some topics don't value being commented on - spinach needed a blog as much as I need a luch in kup. And, well, wouldn't the best blogger for spinach be Popeye, and oh no, that means character blogging and we all know how verbotten that is. (Pretty good - Yiddish AND German in one paragraph).

So, look for more blogging again - but think pieces. I think there is enough crap out here from so-called experts touting MySpace for business and trotting out Technorati lists, while obviously not getting that social media is about ... community. There's enough crap out there - PR needs think pieces with weight, not fluff - and to find smart ways to work with the community, not force itself on the community or celebrate fake celebrity.

Oh, and it's a big birthday - the 35th - so I am fishing for gifts.

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