Friday, October 15, 2004

War Eagle!

Okay, I really don't know what War Eagle means, but it must be an Auburn football thing. Tigers, eagles ... okay, I see the connection. They take their football very seriously down in Alabama.

Auburn public relations and multimedia professor, Robert French, blogs. His blog, infOpinions has some pretty witty and fun commentary on the world, as well as things he points out to his students.

Plus, he's said some nice things about me in the past.

But, what I really think is cool of Robert - although his students might disagree - is that he requires his students to blog. Some have been more diligent about the project, others have been lagging, and others, it seems, don't realize that this is part of their grade.

I have been reading his students' blogs off and on, and kept meaning to blog about them. I've had a few email conversations with Robert - kids, listen to him, take his advice, he seems like he'd be a great mentor! - about my perceptions about his students, and misperceptions.

While reading, I have gone and commented on stories that they have posted. I enjoy reading their blogs, because it takes me back to school daze, which were a lot of fun. I enjoy reading their blogs, because its so Southern genteel at times - I just can't really relate to Seniors talking about engagements, or marriage plans.

One caveat I have for the students is that it's the Internet - nothing ever disappears on the Internet because of Google caching of sites. So check spelling, don't get overly personal or quirky, but remember that anyone can be viewing these blogs.

I found his students' projects through Jessica's Blog, who wrote that she didn't like me, then felt bad that I read that post. Which, truthfully, still gets me to smile.

For firms: if you are looking for junior staff for your firm, I would suggest you check out the talent. Here they are blogging - getting a taste of the next stage in public relations - and they all seem to be hard workers, with internships. An agency could do worse, and trust me, I've seen worse.

For others: go visit the student blogs. Post comments, answer their questions, help them get more involved, and see that there is some hope for PR in the future.

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