Like the Oscars ... for Bloggers (or just geeky people)

No, not the Webby's - those are more like the Daytime Emmys, but with less prestige and with an award that looks just like the Simpson's Olympic episode mascot, Springy.

What I'm talking about is the new, updated Scoble blogroll.

I admit it. I read Robert Scoble's blog. While too many blogs out there tend to be about blogs, and are navel gazing, I find Robert's blog to be an interesting read that covers a vast array of topics.

And, well, I made the blogroll. Like getting an Oscar. Or, something. It was pretty cool and interesting to see my blog up there.

Scoble blogroll speech: I would like to thank all my readers, my friend Kyle for getting me into blogging, the other PR people out there that are working to make blogs and PR a better place, the Auburn students for being fun, and all those special people I didn't mention.

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  1. How ironic -- I've prepared my own speech for the day I get included on the POP! PR Jots blogroll... ;)

  2. Uh-oh...I have to give my speech now!

    I'll be posting it on the lookout.

    Thanks, Jeremy.