Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blogworld: PR Do's and Don't's

Lead by Sue Bohle - a few friends on the panel, including Brian Solis and John Earnhardt of Cisco. Eastman Kodak, SAP, PRWeb and BlogAds were also part of the panel.

::Don't like the format - it's about open media, new media so have it free flowing. The beginning started with a 'hold your questions' type admonition, which is not the way it shoulda been.::

PR people do need to reach out to the bloggers in their space - a unanimous decision - because bloggers are looking for various and different stories than traditional journalists. And, some can be more interested and be more passionate about the subject rather than the trade journalist.

If a blogger follows journalistic standards, then you can deal with them the same way. But, it's about knowing the people, the relationships. Treat them with respect - it's a golden rule.

There are distinctions on bloggers - from professionals to semi-pros to amateurs. And, it's a difference in outreach also. There's IM versus email versus Facebook walls versus Twitter versus commenting on blogs (I view that as comment SPAM, though).

About sharing the stories, the good, bad and the indifferent. Cross-pollinating the stories, to the point of online and offline engagement.

Should there be a new PR person, or can the traditional PR people learn. Do there need to be specialized teams, or can the traditional teams need to be trained.

PR is everyone at the company's responsibility - if you are an employee, you are in PR for the company whenever you are engaged in the public. There is a team for media relations, but we all have responsibilities in the public perception of the company.

Rachel Luxemburg also wrote on the panel.
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