Saturday, February 24, 2007

Taking stock of what matters

I was packing last night for a business trip. I'm not a good packer, I tend to overpack, and I tend to multi-task as usual. It's just one of those things.

So, sitting down on my computer, uploading more music to the iPod, watching TV and checking email and IMs, I get an IM from a friend from college.

This friend is one of those that likes to IM odd pieces of news to me: hey, so and so got engaged; hey, I quit work; hey, I'm moving out of the country; hey, did you know that C-Pipe died? - I just missed his memorial.


So, a friend in college whom I worked with at the Daily Wildcat - I was a snarky columnist, he was a funny and great photographer - was in a car accident, and killed. Charlie was a great guy, and I kept in touch a little bit post college, but it was more a newspaper type friendship.

But, it still puts things in perspective. First, the memorial page that was put together is touching to see that he touched so many people's lives. Second, he lived his life doing what he loved and being with friends, which is an admirable trait.

Makes you take stock. The 300+ PR bloggers - a list growing more and more every day - blog for various reasons. Some blog to understand, some blog for enjoyment, and there is a clique of a few that blog to be known.

That's just sad.

I hope that I am never on my deathbed thinking - oh, I coulda been blog/Internet famous if I only blogged more. I know that on my deathbed, I will be surrounded by friends and family, and will think of those in the past whom I love and loved.

And, will probably think of the movie After Life because I'll be trying to think of what memory I want to relive over and over. I have a few ideas right now, but hope to have a few more by the time I die.

Too often, I think bloggers forget to live offline, high-touch lives. There is so much out there, and you want to do it before you are too late. Because, well, you never know when it might be too late.

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