Friday, December 29, 2006

Crisis Blogging to Defeat a Meme

Here's a scenario:
  • Your company and / or client is getting flamed by bloggers - or, say, social media - for doing something stupid
  • You need to stem the damage, do some old school version of crisis control - something you seem to do often in the past - like taking a week to respond to another flog crisis

  • So, you create a Maileresque statement that such and such is dead (think, oh, the press release is dead or maybe social media is dead).

  • Avoid the real issue, don't address it

  • Ta-dah! No more controversy, because you went all 1984 on it

Once again, those that yell the loudest tend to say the least. Sad that some want the mantle of leader, but are only able to put out fluff that says nothing.

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