Monday, October 16, 2006

Quick Thoughts on Kryptonite ... I mean Walmart

Some PR news on the front page of TechMeme today.

In a quick conversation with Tom Biro, he had a good point: this is Edelman's Kryptonite. Just like many people did not know what was going on at Kryptonite Lock, we do not know what is going on internally at Edelman. Disclaimer, Kryptonite is a client of Weber Shandwick, but more importantly to me, I call Donna Tocci a friend.

I respect and like most of the Edelman bloggers, and give them the benefit of the doubt on this. I do not know what goes on internally at Edelman, I do not know the facts - not that this does not stop Steve from blogging on FedEx or Staples or Kryptonite - but the benefit of the doubt is what you give your friends (and we all know who I consider my friends).

One thought, though - it does not matter who works or does not work on an account. It's an agency, and saying "I had no personal role" is not acceptable. You fall on the grenade, and take one for the team. It is our job to push internally, and sometimes push back on the client. It is not like the blog was a big secret - someone should have known what was going on, and Jeremy Wagstaff at the WSJ says it best.

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