Monday, August 21, 2006

Second Life Convention: SL Views and my views

The second day of SLCC has been pretty much a full day of sessions, originally I was planning to go to the non-profits in Second Life (which was led by the person from American Cancer Society), and wanted to tie that into Camp ASCCA (the blog has uploaded its 300th media clip today, congrats Robert French) and Ike Piggot, who has put Accentuate the Positive 2.0 on hold for a big job at American Red Cross....

But, I woke up late and then got a spot in the SL Views session. The first half was a more deep tech session, but I was able to put in some views as a newbie and consumer thinking, and the second half was lead by Catherine Smith, director of marketing, on marketing SL and marketing SL companies.

The session was off-the-record, so I can not go too in-depth on what happened, but the interesting point is that SL businesses have the same issues and questions about PR in SL as small businesses in RL have about PR in RL.

The SLCC was an interesting event. Some of the people were what you expected at an avatar / online world conference, and others were more surprising. Yes, I bought the T-shirt, and yes, once again there seemed to be just me and one other PR person there to learn / experience SL moreso, and be able to give better counsel to clients and our agencies. I was a little suprised that Text 100 was not there, especially after their big to-do about their SL office, but not surprised that other PR voices who hype SL were not there. But, then again, this seemed like a replay of Vloggercon - some people just talk the talk, while some of us go to the events to participate. And, well, the social part of social media is participation, but some people do not get that.

A note to self for work: just because it's cool, does not mean you need to shoe horn every damned client into the environment, or open an office. How about just experiencing the environment, learn what it is about, and if you think you have a client or product that makes sense and gives something to the community - repeating that, gives something to the community - then move forward with an SL plan and strategy.

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