Monday, July 17, 2006

World War III and the PR Front

I tend not to post about politics, because politics are personal and not something for a blog - unless, of course, you are a political blogger.

This past Friday I went to see John Rendon of the Rendon Group speak at the Long Now Foundation on the long view on terrorism, and winning the war. I went on assignment for an article for O'Dwyer's - when it is up, I will highlight what I wrote there.

But, one thing stuck in my mind, and hit home this weekend when Newt Gingrich was on Meet The Press. Two great posts from the Seattle Times blogs - one from an interview with Newt, and then a synopsis of his TV appearance - do a better job at giving background.

During his speech, Rendon noted that:
The issue is that we are in a peacetime government and home front, but with a wartime military - there is a disconnect between the two.
That has always been an odd thing to me. During war time, we have always given up things on the home front, but this time you really cannot tell we are in the midst of two military operations unless you are in a military town, or part of the family.

So, here's the spin, and from a good spinmeister and one that is a student of history. Gingrich notes that we need to think of this as a war, as WWIII, and that is what will help win the war - by fighting on the same level. With that spin, it makes it a different mindset, but I wonder if the government will go with such messaging and tie in the gasoline prices into US citizens giving up things on the homefront.

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