Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When Eunuchs Blog

I had a conversation today with a reporter, and was commenting to him about the few comments I had received on my blog post on Dennis Hastert and his blog.

His response "I'm starting to think it can't be a blog if it doesn't allow comments. And moderating comments is also bullshit, as name redacted exemplifies so well."

I noted that I have had issues with moderated comments for a while, particularly as it is quite easy to notice that some moderated comment bloggers tend to sit on comments that the blogger does not like. Come on - a day to post a comment, when others appear immediately, depending if they agree or disagree?

His response? "Eunuch blogs. It's true, though. Most politicians don't allow comments on their blogs. It's crap. Orrin Hatch has a "blog" also. It's just talking points with no feedback."

At least Seth Godin - while he does not have comments - has trackbacks. I am not sure if he moderates those, and how long it takes to post a trackback, but he is at least keeping the conversation going and open to conversations.

But, something about moderated comments seems fake. More along the lines of a desire to control the conversation - so much for the open dialogue of blogs - and fake complaints that it is easier to moderate than to delete. I have used WordPress and Typepad - and get comments sent to me when they are posted. It takes the same number of clicks to delete a comment as it does to moderate one. So, calling that out as bullshit.

The reporter ended by saying that is something, that if you don't allow the free comments, or no comments at all, that it just screams that you are "thin-skinned, and that if you can't take comments, then you have no place blogging. That you are half a blog, half a man - like a eunuch."

Just something to think about. Everyone clamors that blogs are about conversations, and old PR was about controlling the conversation. So, moderated blogs are okay? Um, not in my book. They are no better than being gatekeepers.

Or, as a friend puts it "Ball up Bitch."

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