Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pushing forward the PR Meme

Steve Rubel finally steps up to the plate to take a leadership position, by putting forward a pretty good idea ... until you reach the last paragraph. And, he notes that I have been pushing him to take more of a leadership role, and he finally took the bait.

But, "ahem" indeed. I don't think he is very opinionated, and that's been my issue with his blog - take a stance, put out your neck.

However, when he does ... he puts it out behind an iron curtain.

As he notes:
I am using Writeboard as a collaborative tool and I love it. I would like to invite Richard Edelman and Phil Gomes from Edelman, Tom Biro from MWW, John Bell from Ogilvy PR, Niall Cook from H&K, Richard Cline from Voce and other “new media” gurus from the PR agency world (including PR Week and other organizations) to join me on a private Writeboard wiki where we can brainstorm some joint action initiatives to immerse PR pros. Then we can take these concepts and present them to a larger group to weigh in.
So, in other words, "me and some carefully chosen other grown-ups will handle this, children, and get back to you soon enough"?

Why hide behind an iron curtain, though? Make the Wiki public, and invite all various PR firms and PR bloggers to be involved. Or, why not do this on the New PR/Wiki?

Where are the other PR bloggers that have been doing this for a while that can bring great perspective about rebuilding PR?

Where's Burson, Golin/Harris, Weber Shandwick, PAN Communications, SparkPR or Outcast, to name a few off the top of my head that can add to the conversation and Wiki?

Where are the PR people from EU or Asia Pacific or Africa or South America?

What about involving the whole community of PR students at and letting them observe, and maybe participate to bring a fresh view?

Instead of dismissing Global PR Blog Week, Rubel should have posted this there and helped push forward PR.

PR does need to change - or we might just need to throw away the baby and the bath water and start anew - but being exclusive isn't going to work. Some of the best PR is being done by consultants like David Parmet or Shel Holtz or Allen Jenkins or Andy Lark or Josh Hallett, who are working with companies to push PR forward, where we all have a stake in the future of PR. It's these consultants or small agencies that will truly push forward the industry, or remake it.

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