Monday, October 17, 2005

Blogging on BlogOn, and at BlogOn

I am writing on BlogOn 2005 over at the AllBusiness PR Blog this week, and will be updating the posts here.
Rudest moment of the conference? Steve Rubel asked Shel Israel to explain the PR people will become waiters/waitresses article in the blog. I had interviewed Israel, and he seems like a nice guy even if we disagree on things, and his comment is actually Personally, we think many of them may find their futures in the restaurant service industry and the world may be a better place for it, even if the restaurant industry is not.

Not much better, but okay. However, when someone from Porter Novelli asked a question, and introduced herself, Rubel said "oh, a future waitress."

Like I have said before - nice of people to defend the industry. From one supposed future waiter to another one (or likely to a busboy) thanks for the inappropriate snide comment, doyen. Even if it was meant in jest, it was plain rude and insulting to the profession.

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