Monday, August 22, 2005

BlogOn and PR Blogging

At BlogOn 2005 I am one of the speakers. Because it is a Guidewire Group event, I decided to take up their invitation, and come out to speak on pitching to social media, pitching to bloggers. As a blogger that has had both good and bad pitches sent my way - as well as sent out pitches to bloggers in a good way and, in the beginning, a bad way - it should be an interesting session.

But, I am also going as the minority: that blogs are not an end-all, be-all for a PR campaign, just one tool in a vast array of PR tools that are in our bag of tricks. Heck, RSS is just as good a tool (citing Nooked as an example, disclaimer) as blogs, for getting information out there.

If you want to see me speak and debate, use this Discount Code: JP2005 when they register at for BlogOn 2005.

Which brings me to this: recently, a blogger said I was mad about the FedEx furniture incidence. I first corrected him that dogs get mad, people get angry. But, I thought of it over the weekend.

Am I angry - goddamn right, I'm angry. I'm angry that PR is being attacked, and PR isn't sticking up for itself. I'm angry that the media and journalism has changed to tabloidism or all wire service for newspapers, with no local flavor or value sometimes.

So, part of the reason I am going to BlogOn - right before my birthday - is to defend PR and bring up issues that are allowing PR to be attacked as deathe blogosphere.

At BlogOn, I will ask certain bloggers if they are going to step up and take a stand that PR is not dead. It's time to for PR bloggers to use their positions and platforms for the sake of PR, and push back against this "PR is dead" meme.

And, to just set the record straight, no, I am not discounting blogs - but bloggers seem to discount PR as nothing. Yes, I pitch blogs when appropriate, and I have been pitched as a blogger. And I will continue to do so in a sound and strategic sense.

As Mark Twain noted: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." The same could be said for PR.

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