Thursday, July 14, 2005

What's a blog supposed to be?

Okay, so I started another series of interviews - VC2PR. While Steve Rubel recommends SEO terms for headlines - better to get links to your blog, and raise that profile - I rather have headlines that are quirky and fun, but also can be slightly branded so that people can look at my sidebar - or my Technorati tags if they actually ever worked - and know that I am the PR Face2Face blogger or now the VC2PR blogger. It's partial personal branding, and partial blog branding.

Why? Because I wanted to keep content fresh on my blog, continue to learn from others, and continue to grow for myself and for my readers. Those in PR - whether one year or 20 years - well, we can continuely learn from others. When you stop learning, you start dying.

Also, something I read today by Tom Murphy made me think about this blog, and moving forward. Blogging is tiring, it can be draining. Some bloggers out there are saying that posts shouldn't be longer than 150 words, or that posts should be chock full of links, or that posts should be just links to other articles. Give me a break - who appointed these people the overseers of the blogosphere? So, you can't post commentary longer than 150 words? Pshaw. Blogs should be links to other blogs? Well, that just propogates the notion that the blogosphere is one big 's just a circle jerk. Blogs should be chock full of links - those are called link blogs, and some of them might as well be link farms.

A blog is a person's or corporation's own personal work - if you want to post partial feeds, go for it. If you want to post long posts and commentary, go for it. If you want to be part of the herd, and do what every one else says to do - SEO optimization, link farming, name dropping, short posts, - go for it. It's the blogosphere, do whatever you want.

Me? Well, I will continue to post my interviews and my commentary, and see what happens. And, maybe get that redesign up.

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