Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Snippet - Micro Persuasion isn't just a blog anymore

Congratulations to Steve Rubel with his launch of the Micro Persuasion service at CooperKatz.

But, whenever agencies launch specialized practices - beyond the natural ones, like healthcare - it makes me wonder "shouldn't these practices be part of the overall public relations campaign to begin with?"

Why do firms feel the need to marginalize different services - like MWW's blogging service, FH Out Front for the homosexual community or Ketchum's Women 25to34? It's like most of these efforts/offerings are designed as marketing tactics. The firms don't know how to promote a new service as much as they feel capable of promoting a whole new 'mini firm'

While Steve has done a great job branding himself, - I did ask him if MP was going to become a division of CooperKatz a couple month's ago - does PR need to divide and marginalize every practice and group?

In PR Week's Julia Hood's New Year editorial, she noted that "We will hold agencies more accountable for proving the benefits of their new practice areas and offerings, and challenge more aggressively blanket productization of PR programs."

What do I take this to mean? PRW will look to write about "real" new practices at PR firms, not the micro-practices that come and go with trends.

It's my view that we should be able to reach out to any group for a client, and have certain practices within the campaign. Granted, as PR people we need to pay attention to budgets, billability and time, and can't feasibly provide everything in one campaign, but shouldn't this just be one part of a campaign, the blogosphere? It's the same thing for me when agencies split up online and print campaigns - don't they overlap to begin with? It should be one campaign, and often times its not.

Everyone in the PR Weblog community seems to have been writing that blogs/online should at least be explored as a possible tactic to add to the mix for any campaign. If it suits the campaign, use it - offer it. But, do we need to have a separate division?

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