Forrester Forum: Social Networking and UGC in Today's Media Environment

From the Playboy perspective with Christie Hefner - that true brands represent attitude and a point of view, that can be moved from one product to another. It can play in different spaces.

It is about evolving and expanding the brand, as the media landscape has continued to change. Embrace and leverage new opportunities. How do you expand a brand that has gone into television, online, mobile - what is the next step for Playboy that will continue to expand and transform the publication.

Online is the democratization of content - the diminishing of authority has been the result, though.

It is becoming more dynamic, more interactive. The original fear was that online was going to devolve where people did not interact in the meat world anymore. For Playboy, though, it has been the opposite where they extend the brand online and in the real world with the sponsorships of events. It is about creating an experience around the brand with Playboy destinations - going for high tech and high touch, to continue to interact with customers.

Pick the places that seem obvious, safe and smart for the public to take possession of the brand. One such place is Playboy Island in Second Life - showcases what people want to do, what games to play, what apparel they want: it's a microcosm of a focus group, but in real-time and live.

A breakdown of the silos, a breakdown of the walls to become permeable to think of the experience of the brands, experience to marketers and experience to consumers. We will learn from our consumers, and user generated content is just going to strengthen the brand. It's a local / global mind-set, where you extend the brand into various technologies around the world, depending on how they are used worldwide.

Realization that PlayboyU was not a success, so listening to the community and embracing what they want in the community, as well as share with them the Playboy knowledge and understanding. It's a give and take with a discriminating demographic.