Blogging Internships

The Terpin Group - an LA / SF based public relations firm is looking for ... blogging interns!

For a company that spawned InternetWire - wrap your mind around that conflict of interest - it's funny that they would need to bring in someone with HTML experience.

But the part that really worries me is what are they going to have an intern blog about? Is he/she going to blog about his/her internship at Terpin, or about Terpin in general? Or, are they going to break the cardinal rule in public relations blogging, and blog for clients? All the PR blogs of late have taken a stance that this is going to happen in our industry - PR firms jump on the latest technology bandwagon, and that blogging is going to become a vast wasteland of bad pitches, self promotion, etc.

Now, in the past, there have been bloggers that have invited guest bloggers to participate. One such blog was PR Machine, and I commend Robb for doing that. It is a great idea, he's getting different opinions on the state of public relations on his blog, although I need to find out if others took him up on the offer. His idea is not too different than the recent Global PR Blog Week, with probably a bit less self promotion.

But, to have a firm actively looking for an intern to blog, you have to wonder what the ulterior motives are, if any.