Friday, December 16, 2005

I Can Post Today ... Can You?

And, yep, my posts since last Friday are still up. Are yours?

Yes, I am being a little catty.

However, a few bloggers have mocked my Blogger account as being unprofessional, that Blogger is not worthy of being a blog platform for companies, and that I (and others) need to switch to Six Apart / Typepad. Well, sorry - but when you establish a URL, you should drop it because of peer pressure? Ha.

Um, no thank you. If I were to switch, it would be to Wordpress, but I do not see that happening soon.

How's your blogging going today? Having withdrawals like a junkie? Wishing you were on Wordpress or Blogger right about now? I can see some people pulling out the rest of their hair today.

This is a bigger PR issue than 6A's mishandling of customer relations last time around - geez, I wonder how much discounting they will be doling out this time around - and I think it is on par with the deathmatch at Les Blogs.

If this does not get fixed, the Yahoo deal is going to seem like a kick in the groin for Yahoo, and 6A is going to need to go into full crisis mode. This is going to go beyond bloggers, and reach mainstream press, and likely be spun as the unreliability of blogging technology ... and let's not even talk about the miffed journalists or miffed VCs ...

Maybe 6A should be less worried about civility and European conferences, and spend time and money on scalability. Om has a good post on Web 2.0 outages ... and I doubt this is going to be the last outage for such companies. Shoestringing begats shoestrings.

Update: Forbes has an article on Typepad being down, and now I am just amused. First, once again, they did not notify customers on the problem - come on people, how hard is it to change the homepage to include notices?

Second, something about the line "The shutdown occurred late Thursday night as Six Apart was increasing redundancy on its disk storage" reminds me of the time a company lost a bunch of photos during an upgrade/redundancy issue. Just a hunch, but wondering if all the "missing" posts will be recovered.

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