Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ketchum's Blog Launches

Back in July when I interviewed Adam Brown, the director of eKetchum, he noted that there would be a blog from Ketchum Personalized Media. And, no, it's not KetchumIdeas.

And, it has launched ... to no fanfare, to no announcements, to no datelines, and pretty much to no content.

Ketchum has taken heat for a few things, most recently it's participation / non-participation in Global PR Blog Week II. Some of the complaints are warranted, some are not, and, well, the fact is that Mark Rose should not have posted the private email conversation he had to a message board ... I think that's a violation of some Well type operational procedure.

And, I always go back and forth on Ketchum. I know a few people that work there that I respect, and then there are whole teams I think are detriments to their clients.

But, the blog just doesn't do it. It doesn't cut the mustard ... and no, it's not because it's a large agency blogging, but because, well, it's lame. The posts have no dates, so it's hard to see if anything is current. There's not much interaction going on. The posts just aren't that interesting.

The KPM team needs to take a step back and look at other large firm's blogs - either from the CEO or other employees. Take a look at Edelman's 6AM by Richard Edelman and Employee Engagement by Christopher Hannegan. Take a look at Tim Dyson's Technology PR. Take a look at Michael Kempner's MWW Straight Talk - but, unlike his recent post on SUN, note when you write on clients. Transparency is king in corporate blogs.

Good luck with the new blog. It can only improve.

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