Friday, April 22, 2005

PSA: Help Find This Dog

Yes, I know that this really does not fit the theme of my blog, but I received this email today, and it was so sad.

I called the woman - to verify the story - and her dog was stolen from her front yard, while she was tending to her horse. And, then she started crying on me, and if any of you have a dog, you know that special bond between a dog and its owner.

Stolen Pickles Posted by Hello

A 7-month old Jack Russell was stolen around 6 p.m. last night on April 20, 2005 from the owner's front yard. It was during broad daylight and a couple in a yellow H2 Hummer with a bike and bike rack on the back called Pickles, who is a typical friendly puppy, and the dog went up to the couple. They grabbed the dog, took off down Dynamite Boulevard, near Scottsdale Road.

The woman has set-up a reward to reclaim her puppy, and is asking for people's help.

If you live in the Phoneix area, and see a Yellow Hummer H2, call the Scottsdale Police, who have taken a report. Look for a blonde woman with long hair - which, likely, is most of the Hummer drivers in Scottsdale - or a male, and the little terrier.

The dog was bought for the woman's birthday by her daughter, and the family cannot believe that someone that could afford to buy an H2 is so low enough to steal a puppy.

Pickles is white with black spots and freckles. She has a heart-shaped black spot on her left-side of her back. If you do see her, IM me and I will forward the information.

UPDATE: Pickles has been found, and returned to his family.
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