Thursday, August 19, 2004

Lizzie's PoweR Girls

From today's MediaDaily News, Lizzie Grumbman becomes MTV's Latest Reality Catch.

As with all MTV "reality" shows, the content will likely be heavily edited to show the worst side of public relations and publicity, and make the industry seem vapid and only about parties / star gazing.

Hopefully, Ms. Grubman will have some pull with the show, and it won't be another Bunim-Murray gorefest.

All in all, though, this is not a great thing for the industry. But, it will be a fun show to watch, or at least a good freakshow to watch.

Gawker's new gossip mistress, Jessica Coen, has her own take on the Lizzie MTV show here, and the always fun NY Post covers the story as Liz Biz.

Others blogging on Lizzie include PR Machine.

And, for anyone that wants to see all my Lizzie love, here you go

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